Swedish high quality  street wear
the maker of the brand shotmonkey clothing found himself doing designs for something that would not and will not be the sm thingy so he took matters in his own hands and started this company to create some high quality, clean CROOKED shit freshly from sweden !

the name HALFWAY CROOKED is from the belief that you won't get anywhere if you just follow everyone and listen to what everyone wants , you´ll need a crooked mind to just do shit and always stay on the hustle but a fully crooked mind would not care to do this hard work stuff at all so HALFWAY CROOKED it was and now you can say 

Son, they shook Cause there are a such things as halfway crooked

Contact: halfwaycrookedapparel@gmail.com

Address: Halfway Crooked Victor Rapp Mälaregatan 10b 15171 Södertälje Sweden  
VAT: SE900404463301